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HeptaFranc (HPTF) is a crypt currency intended to be the main currency for SiXyeS. You can sell or buy with you wallet included on SiXyeS.

You can buy HPTFs on the trading platform Folgory.

- Buy with HPTF
1. Click on the classified ad you're interested in, the seller will receive an email
2. The seller can either accept or refuse the proposal
3. If accepted, the amount of HPTF of the ad will be transfered from your wallet to the seller's

- Sell in HPTF:
1. Create a classified ad and chose the amount of HPTF you would like (you can also sell in euros)
2. Inform the potential buyer is there are any shipping fees
3. If someone is interested, you'll receive a proposal that you can accept or refuse.